What is the goal of parenting? What should we expect from our kids? How do we handle behavior? Parenting is full of questions and often we function out of misconceptions. But there is hope!

The gospel sets us free with the truth. Soma Eastside is a community of people growing in this truth and the freedom that it brings. We hope you will join the journey with us!

Summer Parenting resource

 We have created a Summer Bible reading plan for you and your kids.

To download click these links:

70 Summer Scriptures Black & White Version

70 Summer Scriptures Color Version


To sign up through the App:

Follow these step by step instructions. You can sign up to receive the Scripture daily through our Church App.

1) Download the Soma Eastside Church App from your App Store


2) Tap on "My Profile"



3) Tap "My Interests"


4) Tap "Summer Scriptures"


4) This will turn it Green allowing you to receive the daily Scripture passages