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02.25.19 | by Soma Eastside

    Soma Eastside Church dedicates10% of our annual budget to fund mission efforts and start new churches in the Northwest and around the world. 

    Two of the new churches we supporting this year through Acts29 West are Epiphany Fellowship and The Commons in LA. 

    Epiphany church is celebrating the favor they are experiencing from the YMCA in their community.


    The Commons is praising God for the UCLA students who are warming to the gospel.

    Ways that we can be praying for The Commons church are for God to raise up their second generation of Missional Community Leaders. And for Epiphany Fellowship we can pray for God to give them wisdom as their community faces gang problems and gentrification. 

    Thank you for being so generous with your giving, it advances the mission on the Eastside, and around the world.