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We believe that God has called parents to raise their children in the ways and truths of God. Parents are primarily responsible for training their children to live in the Identity and Rhythms of a follower of Jesus. We are committed to equipping parents and providing opportunities for our children to be developed with other children to live out the Identity they have in Christ and the daily rhythms that flow out of who they are. When we gather, our aim is to facilitate an environment that works to this end.

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About Soma Kids

Children can be brought to their crew no earlier than 9:50am
*Please pick up your child when the music begins after the sermon so they may sing with you (and so their teachers can clean up and join their families)

Each leader has completed a Washington State Background Check. In addition to this our sign in sheets have a place for you to list any allergies or special needs your child may have.  Your cell phone # will be verified before we release your child.


Even our littlest ones can learn, and as a family, we have the tremendous privilege to love them, train them and introduce them to Christ. We do this by having leaders who are ready to play with and care for your child.

The Nursery is open during the entire worship service and parents can drop their children off before the worship singing begins.

When you sign your children in to the Nursery we will ask for your cell phone number that will be used if we need you during the worship service.


A toddler's energy is amazing and magnetizing.  Those of us leading our toddlers find it rejuvenating to see all the energy God has packed into them. As a family we partner together as Crew Leaders and parents to introduce our children to Christ. Our Toddler crew always involves lots of planned learning experiences designed with the ability of the children in mind, including stories, songs, games and arts and crafts. Our curriculum is called "His Praiseworthy Deeds" and it comes from Children Desiring God in collaboration with John Piper's church in Minneapolis.

This crew is open during the entire worship service and parents can drop their children off before the worship singing begins.


This age is often when our children begin to really learn who Jesus is and experience his love for them personally. These kids can be dropped off before the worship service starts. In this crew, kids will

  • learn a story from the Bible 
  • learn a monthly memory verse that emphasizes a gospel theme from Scripture.
  • be led in a short discussion, encouraging them to talk together about how to apply biblical truth from the story to their lives.
  • experience character development and spiritual growth in everything we teach.
  • experience lots of other fun activities like songs, games, and arts and crafts.

Our Crew times use a vibrant Curriculum called the Bible App For Kids. You can download the App on your phone and track with us week to week. The goal of the App is for kids to push the pause button on their busy lives and to dwell in God's presence encountering him in real and powerful ways. Each Sunday includes multi-sensory experiences with art, music, food and the written word.

This crew is open during the entire worship service and parents can come drop their child off before the worship singing begins.


If you were to peek in on these crews, you’d witness

  • kids greeted by warm, friendly crew leaders
  • kids sensing the grace of God through these adults and youth in our church. 
  • the sounds of energetic kids talking as they learn to worship God in different ways. 
  • interactive Bible-based experiences that creatively encourage kids to know and apply biblical truth to real life.

These kids are dismissed to their separate crews each Sunday after the singing, and before the sermon. If it is your first Sunday with us, we encourage parents to walk them back to their crews at that time.  The kids will be brought back in to service to fellowship after the sermon.

These Crews use the Dwell Curriculum in three age appropriate levels.


On these special Sundays, Kindergarten-5th grade kids stay in the service to worship and learn with their parents and their church family. For more details and tools for you to use as a parent, go to


To find out more about our ministry to children at Soma email